Asset Description

The Military Vehicle pack is a pack inspired by the vehicles of the Vietnam war era.  They are fully game ready and the textures are set up for PBR within Unity.  The models and textures have been tested in Unity 2018.x and are bundled up in prefabs, ready for you to implement your own scripts and controllers. 


This particular pack does not come with the scripts as that is in the works and coming a little bit later.   Each model was modeled with a slight stylized feel and gear more towards Top Down Type of games.  They were all textured with Substance Painter.

What's Included!
  • 1x Huey attack helicopter with Weapons

  • 1x Badger boat with Helicopter pad and weapons

  • 1x Jeep with Weapons

  • 1x Tank with Ammo

  • Textures are at 2K resolution

  • Polycount < 8000k (Varies on each Model)




Unity 3D

Source Files Included

Complete Demo Scene

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