Asset Description

The Race Car Pack is a collection of 3D models and textures that will get you started with your Racing game projects. Each model was created specifically for a Racing game or any other car type of game. 

The Models comes completely set up for your code logic and each car has 3 variations of bumpers and fins.  All collision meshes have been added and the wheels are set up with wheel colliders and basic wheel scripts.


The textures were created in Substance Painter and are PBR ready.  The models are ready to be set up with physics and logic, to be dirven around.  All FBX files are included with the pack, so they can be imported into Maya, Max, or any other 3D modeling package that supports FBX.

What's Included!
  • 5 game ready models all under 6k polygons

  • Texture sets for each model - PBR Ready - 2K textures

  • Each model has already been made into a prefab

  • Collision Meshes have been created and added

  • Wheels are all set up with Wheel Colliders and Scripts

  • Each car comes with 3 different sets of Bumpers and Fins

  • One Unity Package with all the pack contents

  • Tested in Unity 2019.x


Coming Soon!


Unity 3D

Source Files Included

Complete Demo Scene

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