Asset Description

The Tower Defense Towers pack is designed to give you a head start on your Tower defense Unity projects.  While the Tower models can be used for any game engine, the pack was created and set up in Unity 3D.  


The Pack includes 7 different tower categories, with 3 Level upgrades for each category.  Each tower level also comes with 3 different damage level textures sets, so you can hook it up to the tower health and change the appearance of the tower.  Each tower is less than 3,000 polygons and its texture were created in Substance Painter and are PBR ready.

What's Included!
  • 23 UI elements

  • UI HUD Prefab built in Unity

  • Unity Scene with the UI already set up

  • Set of 4 Low Poly Trees

  • Set of 3 Low Poly Rocks

  • 2 Tower Models that are free to use in your Tower Defense Games

  • Vertex Color Shaders




Unity 3D

Source Files Included

Complete Demo Scene

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