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Arabian Town Pack

The Arabian Town pack is a collection of 3D models and textures that will get you started with your Adventure game projects. Download now to jumpstart your Adventure games!
Asset Description

Indie-Pixel is proud to bring you another complete asset pack for your game development adventures!  This time we have built a full featured Arabian Town Pack that allows you to construct your own towns for your adventure games, your top down games, your First person and third person games, just about any type of game you can dream up, this pack is for you.  


Every asset in this pack has been hand crafted to the latest PBR standards and polycounts.  When you purchase this pack you get over 70 different parts and pieces to assemble in any way you’d like, giving you ultimate artist control of how your town looks.  The pack also come with over 20 pre-built buildings to speed up your workflow and a few Procedural tools to help you layout scenes faster!

What's Included!
  • Over 70 individual modular pieces to construct an Arab style town

  • 3 VFX assets for Dust, Falling Debris and fire

  • 3 Procedural Tools to help you assemble your town faster

  • A collection of Shaders to create your Vertex Painted Ground Plane, add volumetric clouds, animate cloth and foliage, and more!





Unity 3D

Source Files Included

Complete Demo Scene

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