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Slope Distribution Tool

The Slope Distribution tool allows you to scatter objects across a slope in a natural way.
Asset Description

The Slope Distribution Tool allows an artist to spread out objects along a slope.  It also gives the user the ability to determine at which point they want objects to stop being distributed across the surface.  The Tool is great for scattering rocks along a terrain slope, in a natural way. 


When you download the tool you get:  One Slope Distribution Tool Houdini Hip file to see how the HDA was created  If you would like to learn about how this tool was made go to the Indie-Pixel YouTube channel and watch the tutorial.  Best aprt is all this is free!  So download now and learn how to make your own procedural assets with Houdini 16!

What's Included!
  • Slope Distribution HDA

  • Houdini Hip file






Source Files Included

Complete Demo Scene

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