What will I Learn?
  • Learn how to Use Houdini to create Digital Assets

  • Understand how to use HDA's in the Houdini Engine for Unity 3D

  • Learn how to model using procedural methods and techniques

  • Gain a better understanding of how to create more complex graphs in Houdini

  • Learn some basic math's for procedural modeling

Course Description

The Guard Tower project shows beginning Houdini users how to construct game ready units using Houdini. The learning series shows the process of building up the parts and pieces of the props using only Houdini to procedurally produce each asset. Throughout this process you'll get introduced to the techniques of high-res modeling and baking using the toolset that Houdini provides.

You'll also learn how to assemble all the parts and pieces into the final guard tower and its accompanying props, using Houdini, Digital Assets and the Houdini Engine for Unity. By the end of the course you'll have tools that will produce wood planks, ladders, oil drums, sandbags, wall building, and more!  You'll get the “Big Picture” of how to use Houdini for your everyday game production needs. Practical needs.


5 Hours



Source Files Included

Complete Houdini Project


Kenny Lammers

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