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Create Procedural Patterns in Houdini 17.5 - Chain Link Fence

In this first series of videos we are going to walk through the creation of a tiling chain link fence pattern. You'll learn how to create a full chain link fence HDA for use in the Houdini Engine for Unity and Unreal!
What will I Learn?

Learn how to use the Houdini For-Loops

Learn how to use the For-Loops Metadata

Learn how to organize your networks

Learn how to create tiling patterns

Learn how to randomize values in Houdini

Learn how to colorize your Procedural Models

Learn how to set up Lighting

Learn how to set up Cameras

Learn how to setup a Mantra Render

Learn how to create Textures with Houdini’s COP’s

Learn how to create Houdini Digital Assets for Houdini Engine

Course Description

Welcome to another Procedural Patterns mini-course by Indie-Pixel! In this next addition we will walk through the process of making a Chain Link Fence completely procedurally! We will walk through the techniques to model the chain link pattern in 3D first then learn how to convert that 3D mesh into a texture that tiles perfectly!

Throughout the course you will learn how to utilize VEX to create the tiling pattern, we will understand how to create HDAs for the Houdini engine (for both Unity and Unreal), and get a basic overview of how to use Houdini’s COP’s to generate textures for games!  This is a great mini project for anyone learning to use Houdini for Games Development and just starting out with the Houdini Engine.  As always the first section is free and the Full course is available on the Indie-Pixel Gumroad page.  Check it out and if you like it download the complete mini-course!

Thank you for your interest in Procedural Patterns – Chain Link Fence, download now on Gumroad using the coupon code below! :-)

Coupon Code: patternstwo


3 Hours



Source Files Included

Complete Houdini Project & Unity Package & Unreal Project


Kenny Lammers

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