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Intro to Unity 3D Physics - Helicopters

Have you ever wanted to build your own Helicopter Physics using the Rigidbody component in Unity 3D? Do you want to know more about setting up modular code to make your workflows faster and more re-usable? If so, this course is for you!
What will I Learn?
  • You will have the experience to work with Rigidbodies in a controllable way

  • You will have a complete code base to develop any type of Helicopter controller

  • You will better understand why helicopters fly and the physics behind them.

  • You will Learn the Beginnings of Editor Scripting

  • You will learn how to set up a flexible Input System

  • You will learn about C# concepts such as Inheritance, Interfaces, Properties, and Namespaces

  • You will gain a better understanding of Organizing your Unity projects

  • You will gain an insight of how to begin to plan out a Unity Project or Unity System

  • You will learn to build a re-usable Weapon System

  • You will learn how to build two types of cameras with re-usable code

Course Description

In this course you will learn how to create a helicopter controller from scratch.  You will learn how to create the physics necessary to generate realistic and arcady helicopter flight mechanics.  You will also learn how to set up your Unity project in efficient ways, how to create Editor Scripts, and how to use the Unity Rigidbody to its fullest.

You also receive two helicopter models and the contents of the Unity project, to give you a head start on your helicopter games! 

By the end of the course you will have gained knowledge about Helicopter physics, unity project organization, C# programming, Unity VFX, how to create a weapon system, how to create a camera system, how to create an audio system, and much more!  Enroll today and start flying the friendly skies in you very own helicopter!


10.5 hours



Source Files Included

Complete Unity Project


Kenny Lammers

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