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Vehicle Modeling in Houdini 16 for Games

Learn how to utilize Houdini's procedural toolset to create vehicle models. In this course you will understand how to insert proceduralism into your Vehicle modeling pipelines!
What will I Learn?
  • You will learn how to create Vehicles in Houdini 16.5

  • Understand how to insert Proceduralism into your Modeling Workflows

  • Gain a solid foundation in creating Houdini Digital Assets

  • Look at a complete Workflow for building models inside of Houdini 16.5

  • You will learn how to set up UV's and Vertex Colors for Substance Painter

  • We will look at how to import the Dropship into Unity and Unreal

Course Description

Throughout this course we will look at ways in which we can begin to insert procedural modeling workflows, using Houdini 16.5. We will learn how we can speed up our traditional vehicle modeling tasks using Houdini Digital Assets, procedural techniques, and Houdini's surface operators. By the end of the course, we will have walked through how to create the Dropship model, how to generate the terrain seen in the demo, and how to get the Dropship set up inside both Unity 2018 and Unreal. Best part is that since Side Effects Software sponsored this course, the course is free! So stay tuned and the Link to the full course will be posted here soon! Thanks so much and keep rockin! :-)


6 Hours



Source Files Included

Complete Houdini Project


Kenny Lammers

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