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Houdini 18.5 - Procedural Grass Cards

In this video we are going to walk through the creation of grass cards for Unreal's grass system. We are going to use Houdini to procedurally create the grass cards and build up the entire landscape and tools from scratch.

We will create everything you see in the picture, from the cards themselves, to the terrain, materials all with Houdini and the Houdini Engine.


Building the Grass Blade: 1:23

Placing the Grass Blades: 7:49

Occlusion & Normals: 19:12

Creating a Basic Terrain: 24:46

Setting up the Unreal Scene: 30:21

Creating the Grass Material: 37:47

Building the Final Cards: 43:40

Rendering out the Texture Sheet: 59:12

Material Update & Final Results: 1:02:16

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Raphael Jjaggerd
Raphael Jjaggerd
Mar 14, 2021

What happened to the intro to car physics course?

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