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Create Massive Terrains with PDG, Houdini Engine and Unity 2019

Howdy Guys! So I know this one came out of the blue here, but I was getting soo many questions about why the PDG Course, I made earlier this year, has some issues with the Terrians and Terrain Texturing. So I decided to make a whole new series of videos to show how things have been changed for Terrains and PDG.

Basically Unity switched over to using a new Terrain system, which I really like! It is so much easier to work with, has a bunch of great new features like Terrain Holes, and also now includes the new Terrain Layer asset type. This new asset type makes managing your terrain layers much easier!

All that said though it does change the way we have to setup our terrains when using HDAs and PDG. Plus the Houdini Engine has updated its terrain attributes to accommodate a lot more types of assets, such as Detail Meshes and Terrain Layers. Which means we need new tutorials!! Yay! :-)

So I wanted to post all the videos in this post so you guys can watch the entire series and see how to use Houdini PDG, Houdini Engine, Unity 2019.3 and the new Universal Render Pipeline. So lets get started!

Section 1 - Houdini Project Setup

Section 1 - Unity Project Setup with the Universal Render Pipeline

Section 1 - Installing the Houdini Engine

Section 1 - Setting up the TOP Network

Section 1 - Using Asset Link in Unity 2019

Section 2 - Terrain Generation

Section 2 - Creating the Erosion HDA

Section 2 - Setting up the Terrain Layers

Section 2 - Final Tests with Asset Link in Unity

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Lv Chuan
Lv Chuan
Mar 02, 2020

Hello,Kenny. I'm a new, I have lern a lot form your tutorial. I have konw how to export landscape from houdini to unity, But I wuold like to konw how to contiune work with unity brush. and update the resulting to the houdini engine API. I wuold to konw how to update the single tile. can you make a tutorial for this.

Best wishes.


Steven Silcock
Steven Silcock
Nov 11, 2019

Hi Kenny, just installing H17.5.434 now using my new Houdini Launcher (Beta). Can't wait to start learning about PDG in Houdini & Unity. Looks awesome & as always should be fun to learn the Indie-Pixel way.

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