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Houdini Basics - 6 Tips and Tricks for Houdini Digital Assets

Howdy everyone! Hope everyone is doing well and having fun! I recently launched a new series of videos on YouTube which is targeted at new users to Houdini, called Houdini Basics. In this most recent video I talk about some of the cool tips and tricks you can use when creating Houdini Digital Assets in Houdini and for use with the Houdini Engine.

Throughout the video we cover a bunch of cool topics such as Embedding assets into an HDA and how to read that data back into the HDA nodes. We then look at how to use Python and a HDA button to trigger some code, how to utilize Handles in your HDA, and more! Here's a list with timestamps for the topics in the video:

Tip 1: 00:57 - Creating a Houdini Digital Asset

Tip 2: 03:23 - SOP Level v.s. Object Level

Tip 3: 05:38 - Embedding Assets

Tip 4: 09:11 - Adding Python

Tip 5: 12:11 - Dynamic UI

Tip 6: 16:09 - Adding Handles

Thanks so much and let me know if you have any requests with regards to more of this type of Houdini Basics information!



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