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Indie-Pixel September 2019 Course Updates!

Welcome everyone to September! I cant believe how much time has flown by and that I haven't released a full course in a few months! How dare me! It was partly due to my full time gig and me doing a bit more planning about how I wanted to roll out all the future courses. I do have to say that I have been overwhelmed by all the support and praise for the courses Indie-Pixel makes! It is such an honor to create these course for ya guys and I definitely appreciate all the rave reviews! So lets get into what is coming this month and next!

Procedural Race Track Creation with Houdini 17.5 and Houdini Engine

Procedural Race Track Creation in Houdini and Houdini Engine
One Result from the Procedural Race Track Creation Course

This course started when I received a post on the Indie-Pixel YouTube channel, asking if I had tested the Car Physics out on a track yet. Well at the time I hadn't, so I started to make some track tools to expedite the process of creating a track I could test out the Car Physics on. All the while I was thinking to myself that "I should be showing this stuff that I'm making".....everyone might like to see how I go about creating levels for Houdini when its just me making stuff...ya know super Indie Style!

I then began recording videos and was thinking about posting the videos, but the videos started piling up and I realized that this was becoming a full course. So Here we have the Procedural Race Track Course!

Throughout the course we start from the basics. We get our development environment all set up by installing Houdini and the Houdini Engine. We then dive into the basics of creating Houdini Digitial Assets, or HDA's, for Unity and the Houdini Engine. Everything you see in the image was made procedurally. No other software was used, just Houdini, Houdini Engine, and Unity 2019.2.

This course was meant to be a course directed at new comers to procedural modeling for games and how to take advantage of the Houdini Engine without knowing anything about it when enrolling in the course. So stay tuned this course will take you from knowing nothing about procedural modeling to creating your own level building tools, in Unity, using the Houdini Engine.

Procedural Level Creation in Houdini and Unity - The Firewatch Tower

A complete re-creation of the Firewatch Tower, from the FIrewatch game, done in Houdini, the Houdini Engine and Unity 2019
A complete re-creation of the Firewatch Tower, from the FIrewatch game, done in Houdini, the Houdini Engine and Unity 2019

This course kind of popped out of now where...hehe, but I loved playing the game so much that I really wanted to re-create the Firewatch Tower in Unity using Houdini Engine. What it got me thinking about, because I was also working on the Race Track course at the same time, I thought that I should start showing how to tackle different types of levels in the courses. When we see tutorials or courses around Houdini Engine, they mostly show small techniques or teach the basics of Houdini Digital Assets. But I wanted to start to show how I use Houdini and the Houdini Engine for different types of levels.

In this Course we will walk through the entire process of re-creating a section of the Firewatch Game level. It is a huge map so I couldn't re-create the whole thing. We are going to focus on creating the area around the Firewatch tower. We will walk through creating every step of the Firewatch tower, how to build up the terrain, how to create foliage in various ways, and finally how to create clouds and ambient VFX for our level....all using Photoshop needed.

So stay tuned for this one! It'll will be release a week or so after the Procedural Race Track course launch.


Courses Coming Soon!

Intro to Car Physics - Unity 2019

I want to thank everyone for their patience with the Car Physics course. I put it on pause while I was creating the Race Track and Firewatch Courses. That being said it is up next in the Course release schedule. In this course we are going to walk through the process of creating a custom Car Physics system, complete with gears, audio, FX, and more! Stay tuned this will be released some time in October.

Intro to Boat Physics - Unity 2019

Its only natural that we move into water craft, now that we have Aircraft and Ground Vehicles covered. So the next course in the series of Physics courses, from Indie-Pixel, is on Boats! Plus when you enroll you get all these cool boats for free! I'm going to use the Tug Boat for most of the course, but all the physics still apply to the other water craft, just with different settings. This course will be released after the Car Physics course.

There we have it folks! That is the Course queue for the next two months. If you have any requests or have any feedback from the other courses, do let me know so I can accommodate as needed. Thanks again for the support! Talk in a bit! :-)

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