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Intro to Python in Houdini

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Howdy Guys! I wanted to do a quick post to announce a new series I have started on YouTube, Intro to Python in Houdini! Since we have covered so much ground with VEX I wanted to transition over to Python and begin to show how you can use this powerful aspect of Houdini to automate and expedite your Houdini Workflows and Pipelines.

With this series we are going to start from the very beginning and learn where you can place Python in Houdini and how to access some of the most basics elements of nodes in your Houdini scenes. From there we are going to learn more about the HOM, or Houdini Object Model, and explore the vast amount of functions available to us in the hou module. So lets get to the vids!

Intro to Python in Houdini - Part 1

In this first part we are going to look at places where we code Python, and how to use the most basic core functions we have in the hou module. This will get us started and comfortable with using Python in Houdini.

Intro to Python in Houdini - Part 2

Part 2 is all about showing the power of automation using Python and Houdini. We are going to take an HDA, that generates a oil barrel, and we are going to make a few different variations. Once we have those variations created we are going to learn how we can automate the exporting of these models to FBX and send them over to Unity, automatically. If you are new to Python and Houdini, this will give you your first look at how one might go about using Python to automate pipelines for games!

Thanks so much!


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