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Intro to Python - Part 2 - Mass Exporting

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Howdy guys! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday break! Recently I posted the next video in the Intro to Python for Houdini series and I wanted to make sure to post it here as well for any of you who might be interested.

In part 2, we cover a way to mass export objects from your Houdini scenes using Python. This will give you a glimpse into how you might go about setting up an automatic export pipeline for your game development projects. Python is very powerful and pretty simple to learn, which makes it very appealing.

The video in the series we are going to cover how to use the Python SOP node so we can begin to manipulate geometry. I also want to start to talk more about the Python language in general as we have really just started our learning with Python that is specific to Houdini, through the hou module. As I make more and more of the videos for this series I want to make sure we learn how to use Python as well as how to use Python for Houdini and game development.

Thanks so much and stay tuned for the next releases!

Happy Holidays!



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