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Learn Unity Terrain Tools 2 with Houdini Height-fields!

Howdy guys! Well, I finally finished the Unity portion of the popular YouTube series on how to create terrains using Map Box, Houdini, and Unity Terrain Tools. This mini-course picks up where the You Tube series left off and walks us through the process of exporting out the Height Map as well as all the Splat Maps needed to create and texture terrains in Unity.

an animated gif showing the landscape created in the Unity Landscape mini course

Throughout the mini-course we walk through how to use the Map Box node in Houdini, then move onto masking and layer techniques so we can generate the splat maps for Unity Terrains.  Once we develop the layers for our Terrain, in Houdini, we will learn how to export all the data so we can import them into Unity.

Once we have all the textures created we will go step by step how to get a Terrain setup in Unity and how to apply the splat maps and textures.

By the end of the course we will have created a full Terrain, complete with terrain layers, textures, post effects, and lighting. 

As always for these mini courses I have made the first section free on the Indie-Pixel YouTube channel, so give the course a test ride and if you like what you see purchase the course on Gumroad at: use Coupon Code: "landscapeunity" to get $5 off!! :-)

Let me know what cha think and if there are any terrain questions and or requests! Thanks so much! :-)

Course Walk Through:


Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

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Sep 03, 2021

2nd splatmap overlaping with 1st splatmap its blending with 1st splat map 50%

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