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Indie-Pixel @ GDC 2019

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Howdy everyone! I am now back from GDC and had a great time! I was given the opportunity to present Side FX's latest technology called PDG. You might have heard about it within the Houdini circles, but PDG really enhances our Houdini Engine workflows. It streamlines the entire process by removing the need to have all your HDA's in your unity project. It also allows us to design and create full procedural systems that creates relationships and dependancies between our different HDAs. This creates a very powerful tool for creating larger procedural levels and assets.

I can say that I cant go back to using the Houdini Engine without PDG. Moving forward all courses around the Houdini Engine, that Indie-Pixel creates, will include PDG and the new TOPs networks. It is that central to working with the Houdini Engine for both Unity and Unreal. So I wanted to post the two presentations I gave at GDC to give you a bit more information about PDG and how to use it with the Houdini Engine!

I also wanted to personally thanks Side FX software for giving me the opportunity to be apart of this great new technology and teaching me how to use it, so I can go and teach the Indie Game Developers out there how to use it! Stay tuned for more awesome PDG tutorials from Indie-Pixel! Thanks so much! :-)

Building a Large Scale Environment PDG Pipeline | Part 1 | Kenny Lammers | GDC 2019

Building a Large Scale Environment PDG Pipeline | Part 2 | Kenny Lammers | GDC 2019

If you are interested in actually building your own PDG network for use inside of Unity, watch this 5 hour course on how to set up an entire procedural level using PDG and Unity! Click the image to go to the free course! :-)

Thanks so much everyone! :-)

Kenny Lammers


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