Procedural Race Tracks!

In this course we will walk through the Entire process of creating a Procedural Race Track Tool kit using Houdini 17.5 and Houdini Engine in Unity 3D and Unreal 4.  Enroll now to learn how to set up a Procedural Level Creation pipeline!

The  Procedural Stack

Unity 2019.x

Unity is the Game Engine we know and love. We find it to be the most efficient and flexible engine. It is also most widely used throughout the game industry.

Houdini 18.x

Its amazing what you can do with Houdini. Our focus is largely on teaching ways in which we can build levels and objects in procedrual ways. Take a look at some of the courses we have!

Substance 2019

Its hard to argue these days which texturing tool you should use for your game development Pipeline.  This is why we have courses specific to using Painter and Designer.

Latest from the Blog

Houdini 17.x - 18.x
Unity 3D 2018.x - 2019.x

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